5 SEO Strategies That Every Business Should Know

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5 SEO Strategies That Every Business Should Know

# 1 Get quality links

  • Create authoritative content that people will want to read and share
  • Investigate competitor links
  • Create “Guest posts” on high ranking sites
  • Network social media
  • Promote your brand: Get links to the blogs you mention.

# 2 Google Authorship:

  • Affects page ranking
  • Google + profiles for all your authors
  • The authors claim their authorship

# 3 Set a Canonical URL

  • “Canonical” = unique / the right / the best URL
  • Search engines determine which page is better (in case of duplicates)
  • Consolidates the power of a page
  • Constantly directs (301) to the canonical; full link value

# 4 Microdata and Schema

  • HTML tags indicate to search engines what the content of this page is about
  • Richer search results
  • Better search positions

# 5 Responsive Design

  • Web pages change their appearance according to your device
  • Single HTML code for the page serves desktop & mobile
  • It’s easier for users to interact, share content, and link


  • Article marketing
  • Blog/forum spam
  • Exact match anchor text
  • Exact match domain name
  • High volume, low quality content
  • Sidebar and footer links
  • Links in widgets

Use long-tail keywords

  • Over 70% of Google search terms are long-tail (5~7 words or more), used by people looking for something very specific, close to the end of the buyer’s journey;
  • Bring more targeted visitors to your site;
  • Easier to rank;
  • Clearly illustrates searcher’s intent.

Other Suggestions:

  • Include social buttons on every page of your site, every blog post & press release, & in all outbound communications;
  • Focus on the channels your customers use.

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