Lead Generation in Digital Business Environment 2021

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Lead generation in Digital Business Environment 2021

Imagine – What if your website had so many customers that you couldn’t handle them? What digital marketing techniques would help you reach your goals faster and deal with new customers? How can you convert these new visitors into paying customers with your website?

These are the questions that come to the mind of each of our clients before it realizes that attracting new customers is easier than initially thought, using effective customer acquisition methods, or otherwise, lead generation.

You probably think what really is Lead Generation?

It is now 2020 and the number of visitors to websites is much higher than in physical stores, and simply speaking, each visitor to your website can become your potential long-term customer, so there is a unique opportunity to convert them into leads by collecting their contact details for this turning a guest into a paying customer in long run; it will bring you extra profits in exchange for your product offer. As a result, everyone is happy.

In order for lead generation to fully work and perform its functions, it is necessary to perform a fundamental and technical analysis of the market, as well as understand your potential buyer. The question may be, how do you really do it?

The answer is simple – I know it; you know it. Think and research your long-term customers in your industry: content, phrases, sentences, text, should be written in the language your customer speaks, what niche it is in and what psychological factors influence your customer to buy your service.

The main psychological factors influencing the client:

  1. Security – The customer must always be safe about your product, so you need to show it to the consumer. These are usually industry-specific certificates or guarantees that will be able to reach the customer. For example, when buying a computer, online stores always provide a 1-3 year warranty for their product, as well as install the operating system – in this case, the customer knows that for 1-3 years the computer will be in good condition and he will not need an IT specialist to install the operating system.

  2. Reliability and Trust – the customer will not buy the product or will not enter their data if there are no facts that prove that you can be trusted; these can include testimonials from your actual customers, in text or video format, as well as an SSL certificate, as well as documentation on GDPR. 

  3. Customer’s native language – the customer will understand the product or website better if it has access to its native language and the words it uses in everyday vocabulary – for example, digital marketing will be interpreted as advertising on the Internet to others, but we try use the specifics in a language that is understood in all concepts so that everyone understands what we are talking about.

  4. Graphic design and colors on the website – your potential lead will convert more often if the website design is optimized for colors that are important in a particular industry to evoke the necessary emotions – for example, the food industry matches well with yellow color, which causes happiness , joy and optimism – imagine, McDonalds – there are cheese burgers everywhere and for complete happiness you don’t need anything more, do you? Blue, on the other hand, is associated with financial activity, trust, and it inspires confidence in how much money is involved here and people want to be able to trust the service provider.

There is an enormous number of other factors that can influence people to buy, and each is strategically used in individual cases in different situations and industries. The lead generation rate of your website can be greatly increased by using different techniques and strategies correctly. By getting to know your product, we can easily identify the right strategies and marketing plan to succeed in selling your product. You can find out more by contacting us by filling out this form.

Typical Mistakes When Generating Leads

  1. Badly-managed investment in PPC (PayPerClick), or paid advertising, where you pay for a click on various digital marketing platforms is a waste of time and money. Example – a customer has created a Facebook page, has written a one-time article that he wants to share with all his friends and the whole world and then sees the button “BOOST POST” – “Show post above”, and excited clicks on it, thinking that everyone will see the article. Unfortunately, this button does not live up to expectations and no improvement is made unless you have set the right parameters in your Facebook business account or created a proper description, researched the technical side of the market (trends that people are looking for and buying), and so on. As a result, the money invested is lost because the button clicker doesn’t really know how to turn it off and pause the ad campaign, and there are no customers out of 100,000 views reached, loses confidence in digital marketing and increases the risk of losing your business as existing customers move to a competitor who will turn to a professional agency who knows how to get $ 10,000 from $ 100 in a minimum amount of time, gaining an unlimited number of customers.

  2. The link is made in a language that your audience doesn’t speak at all. For example, you create an ad campaign in Spanish, but your audience consists mostly of Russian and/or English followers.

  3. Leads are not processed, for example, calls are made to the customer too late, inquiring about the quality of the service or product, free material is not provided, etc.

  4. The customer is offered outdated standard offers that were effective in the dinosaur era 5 years ago.

How to improve the lead generation process?

To avoid these mistakes and effectively convert visitors into potential buyers who have provided you with their data and regularly purchase your product or use your services, we strongly recommend that you follow these lead generation processes:

  1. Build the best website in the industry.

  2. Translate website content in multiple languages as we live in a multi-national world.

  3. Develop proper SEO optimization to get maximum traffic without any investment.

  4. Write articles that your current and potential customers will discuss with other customers. This will open up even more opportunities for you.

  5. Provide customers with free material, booklets, price-list, e-books, show video tutorials, recipes – at least something – as they say, “Give, and you shall receive”.

  6. Invest time in quality training and gain a basic understanding of how the digital environment works or entrust work to professionals in the industry, if you do not have the slightest understanding of how to conduct audits and analysis to find suitable strategies.

  7. Periodically invest in your website. It’s like maintaining a car that needs to change its tires, perform maintenance, and so on. The same goes for the website and its content – it needs to be improved, updated and optimized, things that search engines will definitely evaluate, position you in higher positions, as a result you will gain more customers, because most likely your competitors will not do it.

In general, we want to encourage that creating a website is easy and that you can do it without any headaches during the process. While creating a systematic approach to customers that will bring profits to your company with the right lead generation techniques, sales tunnels and strategies is a bit more complicated and time consuming process. So before investing without knowledge, contact us and get a free consultation by filling out  form , or do your ideal customer research as well as market analysis.

Thanks for reading this article. We wish you succeed in attracting new customers!

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