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By choosing MIRALTEK services you have the opportunity to reach more customers, become more visible, and accomplish higher sales goals through multichannel marketing.

Landing pages, online stores, business/informative websites, graphic design. We build according to the client's wishes and needs
Copy for sales offers, ads, websites that exceed customer expectations and create "explosive" content with high conversion rates and ranking
Brand's target audience, marketing approach, positioning, value statement, offer, mission, competitor analysis, brand voice, message & awareness
An integrated digital strategy is crucial to define new Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning for your online offer and value proposition
A business has to develop a strategic scheme for customer acquisition and optimization, so that conversions and ROI go through the roof
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Waze, Pinterest, YouTube, MySpace, etc. Strategic solutions and development

What You Get

an excellent website designed to sell and gain ever-green leads
learn how e-business can dramatically increase revenue
a unique website that stands out among your competitors, so that you stand out
a quick peak in the SEO algorithms that can bring passive income and profits in the long run
the understanding of the latest 21st-century sales funnels and implementation methods
acquire high-value customers without exaggerated investments
all the so called "secrets" of digital marketing, because there's nothing to hide
learn how a long-term brand is built and established in the digital world with low investments in marketing

Apply Digital Business Ecosystem

And get instant results

Digital marketing works just like any other industry, such as architecture. Initially, research is made, resources are collected, the project is planned and drawn until the building process is started and the project is implemented until its opening. We start with fundamental factors, from theory to a series of checks and corrections, gradually approaching the goal, and systematically avoiding fatal mistakes that can undermine the effectiveness and outcome of the project. Just as architecture would not exist without a plan and a drawing, digital projects and businesses would lose their maximum impact and profit if 14 strategic plan points from A to B were not used.

We perform data analysis and verification. We install such data analytics and customer service tools as Google Analytics, CRM, chat bots and ERP.

“If there is no data to process, there are no goals to set.” With proper data analytics, we accurately determine visitor behavior, actions taken, character, demographic, psychological, and even social status on your site. We evaluate work efficiency, weaknesses that can be improved in the structure of your company, as well as conduct various research, which of the applied business development strategies has been the most successful for your project and customer acquisition.

Setting and determination of specific goals, drawing a budget in relation to your wishes and needs in order to achieve the desired result and reach the determined goals.

Developing multiple variations of strategies for remarketing opportunities (easier to sell to those visitors who have already shown some interest in your business, industry or website).

You name it – we take care of it! We’ll help you find the right solution to all types of graphic design services!

Designing logos, banners, infographics, presentations, as well as video material, posters and templates, and preparing other visual elements for your website, social networks and advertising campaigns, and many other ways to enhance the look of your website and social channels to attract an unlimited number of customers with irresistible design.

We’ll help you create and save these templates and examples so you can use and edit them freely later, with minimal time and maximum results.

Preparing content and strategy for your website and social media.

Creating Articles for Your Project – It is recommended to create comprehensive information with an average of 2,500 words per article, using relevant keywords from the Audit and Analytics phase. For full application of SEO strategies and translation of texts with the help of specialized agencies, we immediately add the languages you want to your page during the website development stage.

We develop a model or concept sample according to the specifics with a particular layout and design according to the client’s wishes, using psychology corresponding to the methods of attracting clients. We create a project with logically planned sections, so that the page immediately overturns possible objections that may arise for visitors to the page.

A specific color palette is selected according to your industry, business and personal goals, using psychological and neuromarketing techniques that encourage visitors to engage with your website.

Next, we develop the full project and implement the plan.

We update and perform full content processing to improve search engine rankings, using keywords, dates, and other techniques relevant to your blog post and topic, improving your long-term growth.

We create a blog section, where we copy the created articles from the content material library.


The next step in the development of your project is the creation of social channels and its content and linking to the website in order to significantly increase the traffic of visitors to your page and vice versa, reaching your offer. Use #hashtags, specific keywords, specific methods, and text to promote your online reach.

We combine technically correct content with graphic material, pictures, banners, etc., creating a taste of ultra-high quality, modern development, and elegance of your project.

After that, we share content and blog articles on social media based on social media marketing strategies and methods.

One of the most important processes is the discovery of your existence in the digital environment or, in other words, SEO. In order for potential customers to effortlessly discover your presence on the internet, it’s important to know ways you can improve your brand awareness and visibility on search engines like Google, Bing, or Yandex.

We perform internal and external (on-page and off-page) SEO, improving both page speed and mobile user experience, adjusting the length of your URL, as well as using up-to-date content and appropriate length in your articles, supplementing them with backlinks and HTTPS encryption, SSL protocols and other monsters to maximize results in the long run.

Depending on your choices and your goals and strategies, as well as your projected marketing spend (recommended 5-12% of total revenue depending on their volume), paid advertising is a powerful and highly effective technique that will bring new customers to your business over a long period of.

By placing a strategically designed advertising campaign on social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube) or Google Ads, you will achieve amazing customer conversions, brand awareness, customer growth and turnover.

Visitors come to your online content, landing page (a page where they turn into a customer) or a webinar through a click (for example, you pay 2 EUR per click that can lead to 499EUR product purchase).  On a webinar you can talk about your products and services and explain to people how you can help them grow and reach higher goals.

When your visitor and customer data is collected through PPC, social networks and websites, it is usually collected in CRM systems, which greatly facilitates your communication and strengthens the relationship with the consumer, ensuring your ability to understand consumer preferences and needs and maintaining a successful and smooth customer experience.

With the help of email marketing, we create advertising campaigns in which you can advertise your company’s products or services, taking into account the type of your audience, interests, behavior, social and demographic situation. Later, we can automate this process by inserting specific information and combining it with graphic material.

With CRM tools, enterprises track, automate, analyze, and optimize customer interactions and behavior. CRM is based on a database of contact information and interaction history of each individual contact person.

We perform specific data analysis, evaluating the results. Based on this data, we then perform remarketing, that is, redirecting the offer material to visitors who are directly or indirectly involved in or encountered advertising campaigns, social networks or website content for your product or service. If necessary, the strategy or the principles of the applied method can be changed.

All that remains is to automate all the developed marketing processes, so that after data analysis and processing, we are able to determine which of the performed activities perform their functions at the highest level with the most effective results. In this way, less efficient and effective approaches to gaining new customers or leads are screened out, using all possible channels, social networks, SEO, website, Waze and other available sources.


We apply multi-channel marketing strategies, ensuring the positioning of your brand and name in the digital environment. Through a variety of methods, that is, social media, website, SEO, advertising and other above-mentioned techniques, with developed strategies and plans to drive your offer, your company’s message in the market so that consumers can quickly and easily find out about your existence and experience you want to share.

Once the strategies have been developed, certain processes have been created and automated, and the important data analysis and processing has been performed, you also have the opportunity to perform telemarketing functions using your leads gained through all the above processes and strategies.

After this 14-step process, your contact list will grow automatically, adding new customers almost every day. Now all your purchasing agent, manager or specialist has to do is pick up the phone and call a few people who did not mysteriously convert from visitor to customer or sell another offer. This way, you can not only build a closer and stronger relationship with your customer, but also learn the important reasons why that visitor didn’t make a purchase, thereby improving your product or service, eliminating those reasons, and caring for a good customer experience with your business.

Unlock Your Business NOW

We will help you understand what strategies apply to your situation, what has to be changed on your website and social networks in order to increase your company's profit, achieve your goals faster and thrive in abundance

Are You Ready To Thrive?

Choose the most suitable plan for your needs and future plans that will bring the highest possible outcome.

Economy Class

299 / month
  • Web Development
  • Copywriting
  • Brand Strategy
  • Lead Generation
  • CRO, SEO & PPC
  • Social Media Marketing
most popular

Business Class

599 / month
  • Web Development
  • Copywriting
  • Brand Strategy
  • Lead Generation
  • CRO, SEO & PPC
  • Social Media Marketing

First Class

1299 / month
  • Web Development
  • Copywriting
  • Brand Strategy
  • Lead Generation
  • CRO, SEO & PPC
  • Social Media Marketing


We recommend to read before submitting your project

Efficiency depends on the investment and effort made. In simple language, 20% of the application of this system can bring 80% of the results, without the system the results are usually close to 0, because obsolete activities that were relevant in the last century or two years ago. In other words, “Nowadays it is not fuel-running cars that are relevant, but electric cars.” So take this digital age opportunity!

Well, just so you know the Internet covers 49% of the globe. 60% of the world’s population uses the Internet every day. People’s attention in the digital environment continues to grow, as does Internet coverage and the number of users on Earth. Marketing and advertising approaches that were used 2-5 plus years ago have created a psychological barrier or protection in the subconscious of consumers, thus no longer being able to influence their customers. With MIRALTEK’s systematic approach, you will understand how to 2x, even 4x your profits and the number of customers looking for something relevant to your industry, products or services thanks to properly applied algorithms that update and change every year, affecting the visibility of your website and content on the Internet.

Yes, you can! And not only that! We will teach you how to deal with activities that may have previously cost you thousands of euros a year or even a month! It’s as simple as logging in to your email. We will also teach and explain you the basics of digital marketing, SEO and social media.

Yes, of course, long-term partner relationships are our key to this business, so we will be happy to talk about ideas that could be implemented on any continent of the world, because we currently have all the resources and partners to implement any project, in any location!

It all depends on the following factors: website development and complexity/ keywords / SEO / budget / arsenal and strategy development / technical information, etc. If we talk about the time of website development, then usually with all the adjustments it can take up to two weeks.

Very simple! Just call us or fill out a questionnaire with your project, entering specific information so we can create a plan that will work effectively after the system. If you are planning to implement a project that is not within our competence, such as one related to a specific feature of artificial intelligence, then we will refer you to the appropriate partner who will be able to help and solve the situation you are