What Is Social Media Marketing

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What Is Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing is gaining momentum every year, and a presence on social media among many customer-oriented companies is already a necessity. It makes it possible to establish contact and a long-term relationship between the trader and the consumer effortlessly and in a short time. Besides, over the years, it has been confirmed that ad campaigns that are constantly targeted on social networks are more responsive because they are usually discovered through links that are “shared” from trusted sources such as friends, acquaintances, and the overall network range, which greatly increases your digital visibility in a business environment.

The availability of social network data allows advertising agents to easily and accurately reach specifically targeted customer audiences, their interests and behavior providing the potential for higher results and increased profits in any position, in any industry, over a continuous period of time.

Digital marketing is an immeasurably broad concept and a digital marketing strategy includes several types of strategies. In this article, we will look at one of the most important ways of social media marketing, how it can improve a company’s business.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one way of internet marketing that is facilitated lead generation in digital business environment in 2020. It is a powerful tool for promoting any business, mainly involving the use of social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter) that reach specific customer audiences, facilitating communication with each other and with your company, thus promoting your brand awareness, rapid profit growth, and new customer flow to your home page.

Why SMM is an Integral Part of Today’s Business?

Social Media Marketing usually refers to techniques that reach social networks, thus promoting brand awareness, trust, or specific product/service advertising. Social network marketing is most often focused on:

  • Strengthening the presence of social media on major platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.);
  • Creating rich, educational, and comprehensive content and using promotional materials to promote your business;
  • Evaluate and collect customer feedback through the campaigns created, using surveys and/or competitions;
  • Social media marketing is considered a super-effective and accurate form of advertising to promote your brand through detailed audience targeting.

Social network marketing is primarily needed to reach your target audience and customers wherever they are. It is important that they communicate with each other and also interact with your brand, your business, product and/or service.

While social media marketing is an immeasurably valuable tool and benefits the growth of your business, it is essential when defining your social media strategy that depends on your business model. It is also important to plan how you will differ on these platforms, as well as which one to choose as the priority platform that is most appropriate for your business and where your audience spends the most time.

4 Key Benefits of Social Media Marketing

There are several reasons why your company should consider the use of social media marketing. Here are 4 of the most effective points to keep in mind.

1. Brand awareness

Today, social networks are used by more than 3.96 billion users worldwide or 50% of the world’s population. In Latvia, on the other hand, 43% of the population regularly use social networks. With a large number of users on social networks, you can clearly see how social media can help you to build brand awareness by sharing relevant content related to your product and/or service, as well as your business.

When people engage in your digital environment, that is, by clicking “Like”, “Sharing” with your content, and “Commenting”, your brand awareness grows much faster, helping your social channels drive more traffic to your website as well. You can use backlinks in your website or links under profiles, in bio or blog posts, and/or on social networks.

In addition, brand identity and positive brand feedback are created.

2. Lead generation and conversion improvement

One of the easiest but most effective ways to improve lead generation is to promote, market, and share your product on social media. This well-known technique increases your customer’s conversion rates, as well as your company’s revenue if you have the right strategy and proper use of paid advertising. That leads to consumer engagement in the product or service profile you provide.

These are some of the most effective ways to generate more leads using social media.

  • Use social media marketing campaigns on one of your channels;
  • Leave a link to your website and offer in your bio box below the profile;
  • Periodically create various competitions for your visitors and followers, which will promote their activity and involvement in your social network profiles;
  • Create a live video to come up with loud announcements or news in your sortiment or service range and keep your audience up to date with the latest news, events, or recent highlights in your business or life, and more.

Sell a product or service through your social networks. For example, you can create Facebook’s Store Section or Instagram’s Shopping Tool for your profile. These useful tools help your visitors and followers easily view product listing or post information, such as price, material, size, and more. Visitors can then easily switch to the payments section through this platform and pay for your offer directly.

3. Promoting customer relationships

You will only be able to long-term and strong relationships with your followers if you keep in touch with them and become actively involved in the development and improvement of your social networks. This can be achieved by engaging in conversations with followers and the audience in the comments of their recordings, answering them with various questions or comments, providing them with their presence, support, and assistance in any situation.

To improve the quality of your product or service, or to identify flaws and find out what you can improve, you can ask your audience a variety of questions on this topic to solve problems. In addition, you can hold occasional giveaways to create trust with your audience, showing them your support and efforts to build good relationships.

4. Learn from your competitors

Social networks are a unique opportunity to follow the progress of your competitors, their strategies, product advertising tactics, advertising campaigning techniques, as well as see the style in which they communicate with their followers.

Social media marketing gives you the opportunity to find out which methods work for you and your competitors and which do not, thus helping you to make a decision and change some of your methods and adapt them to your needs. Social media also allows you to look at competitor’s profiles to help determine what makes your company’s marketing and brand stand out from the rest of the crowd.

5 Steps to Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

  1. Find your buyer persona and determine the audience

The first step to a successful social media marketing strategy is to identify who your ideal buyer and your audience is, so that you, as a product or service provider, can accurately and purposefully identify the interests, wants, and needs of consumers. Think about what kind of people you are looking for and why, and in what groups you would divide them.

By identifying your buyer and audience, you’ll be able to determine what type of content will attract specific types of customers and how to create content that will keep your audience interested in your product.

  1. Determine your social platform that your social network marketing will be built

By understanding and looking deeper into the industry and nature of your business, it’s important to determine which social networking platform is best for creating an excellent social media strategy as well as relevant content. A social media strategy does not determine the right or wrong choice of social channels when it comes to which channel is best for your business – the desires and needs of your followers are more important, as well as the attention, presence, time, and place of your target audience, what applications and social networks are used in the industry.

  1. Create unique content that users will want to engage with

With billions of social network users around the world, there is no doubt that most of your followers will also see your competitor’s content on their social networks, given your business industry. That’s why you definitely need to create different social media content that your followers would engage, comment, like, and share your posts and content, because only those who can provide your audience with unique content will get unlimited follower growth and audience growth. That would also contribute to the company’s well-being, brand awareness, and reputation.

Also watch your competitors, see what they’re sharing, be active on your page, and use your existing followers and customers to help make your content better and more fulfilling. Use Hashtag options to encourage people to share their reflections, use the “re-share” buttons and share your follower’s posts.

  1. Schedule your posts

A social networking strategy will definitely give you higher results with regularly scheduled entries on social channels, which is a powerful content management solution for maintaining social networks. Such tools help you create caption texts, prepare pictures and / or videos, and schedule posts in advance, perform automatic publishing, and manage the reactions and engagement of each post with your content. Social network management solutions save time and allow you to focus on other tasks in your day.

  1. Analyze the results of your content

One of the most important aspects of social network marketing is to ensure that your investment helps you to achieve your goals. To ensure this, you need to constantly monitor each of your posts on each social media channel. You can do this by reviewing your social network metrics.

10 Social Networking Indicators You Should Pay Attention

Social network metrics are data reporting units that measure the impact of your audience and customers on your content across platforms. These metrics can include such data like:

  1. Engagement – It includes “Clicks”, “Comments”, “Like”, “Share”, replies to your social network posts, etc. It also includes platform-specific forms of engagement, such as “Saved” posts on Instagram or Facebook and “Pinned” posts on Pinterest.
  2. Reach – The number of people who have at least seen your content related to your page or profile.
  3. Followers – The number of people who click “Follow” on your profile and see your content regularly.
  4. Impressions – The number of views of your page or profile, whether or not your followers click on it. The so-called “Rollers” are people who just go through their social networking pages but don’t push anywhere.
  5. Video views – The number of video views for each social networking platform.
  6. Profile visits – The number of visitors who opened your page or social network profile.
  7. Mentions – The number of times your profile or page was mentioned by your audience.
  8. Tags – When your audience adds your company profile name or Hashtag to another post.
  9. Reposts – When someone in your audience makes a post on your social networking section using your post.
  10. Shares – These are posts from your profile or page that followers from your audience share on their page or profile to their audience.

You can influence these metrics, increase your followers, and improve overall activity on your profile by simply using the same techniques we mentioned in one of the benefits of social network marketing: customer engagement and increased conversions. It will also help to engage more often in various conversations and discussions with your followers, as well as tagging or answering questions, as well as clicking “Like” and “Share” and encouraging the use of the hashtag on their profiles, encouraging them to do the same on your profiles. Knowing that social networks are used every day and are used by billions of people today, it is clear why many businesses and marketers are thriving by using social media networking, growing and developing their brand rapidly. Social media is a powerful way to distribute and promote your products and / or services, as well as to communicate with your customers, outlining their wants and needs.


To significantly improve your visibility on social networks and increase your chances of gaining new leads that would bring you long-term profits, it is important to consider building your own website that would increase traffic to your social network and lead to a successful digital business.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. We hope it will help you get an insight into ways that can improve your business in today’s digital business world; and get new customers to reach your goals faster.

– Made by MIRALTEK

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